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BTSA ACSE 2 : Our Romanian School Trip

BTSA ACSE 2 : Our Romanian School Trip

First of all, to complete our diploma we had to do 4 weeks of internship in Romania. Before to scatter across the country for this month of internship, the whole class stayed together for a week in the north of Romania.

During this first week in the land of count Dracula, we visited several cities such as Cluj, Sibiu and Sighișoara. Everyday we did different activities involving local architecture like visiting churches, a citadel, an unusual cemetery and other types of historic and cultural monuments, but the most important part for us was to learn about different Romanian farms.

Each evening, we slept in hostels and we also had the opportunity to taste Romanian and other Eastern European food specialties in some typical restaurants.

Throughout the week, we were accompanied by our tourist guide, Korchy, who also drove us on the road to get to the different locations.

Finally, we really enjoyed this 1st week because it was very rewarding, interesting and it allowed us to meet many kind and friendly Romanian people before each pair of students ralied their own internship location around the country.