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BTSA APV 2 : Farming Training Period in the United-Kindgom

In order to pass our degree in agronomy and plant production, the whole class of APV2 left France to either go to England or Ireland for four weeks during the month of September 2017. All the students got on location to rally their respective internship farms by choosing their own means of transportation. Some of us took the plane, others got there by boat, bus or even by car.

We eventually arrived sooner or later, each student dispersed on their own internship farm although if we were lucky we could end up near each other and meet during our stay. Spreaded across two countries and on any types of farm ranging from livestock breeding, crop production and market gardening. It was a perfect opportunity for us to comprehend new ways of farming, as well as to learn English at the same time, but most importantly we visited the countries, discovered new cultures and met many interesting people.

Although we didn't all come back as planned, it was a wonderful immersion in the everyday life of British and Irish farmers and we can all agree on the fact that we all had a great time and would gladly do it once more.